Dutch course

Do you want to learn Dutch and live in the Wassenaar or Oegstgeest area? Then come follow a Dutch course with me, Patricia, from UNITXT & taal. The Dutch courses take place in small groups, both online and in Oegstgeest. In addition to the courses, I regularly organize trips or drinks in the vicinity of Wassenaar and Oegstgeest to get to know each other better and of course, to improve your Dutch! I also regularly offer conversation courses at various levels, in Oegstgeest.

Focus on speaking

In my courses, both in Oegstgeest and online, the focus is on speaking. In class, we practice speaking and conversation, and at home you practice reading, listening and writing. I help you with sentence construction, pronunciation and vocabulary. Your speech will also improve through the trips and drinks. And you will get to know your fellow students, not only from Wassenaar and Oegstgeest, but also from the rest of the Netherlands and the world!

Conversation Club Oegstgeest

Are you a beginner and do you want to start learning Dutch as soon as possible? Or do you already speak some Dutch and want to practice? If you live near Wassenaar or Oegstgeest, you’re in luck, because every Friday morning I hold the Conversation Club for two levels in Oegstgeest. The conversation club is also nice if you are already doing a course with me and want to get a little extra practice in. It only costs €10, just send me a message to sign up!

What is my level?

I provide courses at every level, from absolute beginners to advanced, and exam training. Are you not sure what your level is? Then please contact me. You will receive an intake and you can take a test. You can often enroll during a course, and we can discuss together whether you will need additional support. My lessons are always tailor-made: I adapt to you and to the group, and will provide extra material if necessary. Not all courses are listed, send me a message for more information!

Dutch for Spanish and Portuguese speakers

In addition to being an NT2 teacher for English speakers, I am a sworn translator for Spanish and Portuguese. I also provide Dutch courses for Spanish or Portuguese speakers. You will be taught in Dutch, of course, but you can ask questions and receive explanations in Spanish or Portuguese. I know exactly why you speak the way you do, and I can explain this quickly and effectively. It is also very comfortable to be in a group of people all with the same language background.

Why should you choose UNITXT & taal?

  • Small groups of max 6 people;
  • Classes in Oegstgeest and online;
  • Lots of individual attention to really learn Dutch well!
  • I speak Dutch with you from the start, but you can ask questions in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • I am a certified NT2 teacher with work experience at renowned institutes such as Regina Coeli (de Nuns van Vught) and the universities of Leiden and Utrecht.
  • Writer and publisher of the ‘Curso de Nederlandés para hispanohablantes’: Dutch grammar explained in Spanish.
  • Sworn translator Spanish and Portuguese. I know what it’s like to learn a language to fluency!
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