Now to really learn Dutch well!

… in small groups, with a lot of individual attention.
These Dutch courses are highly interactive with a focus on speaking. You will be taught by me, Patricia, so by a certified language trainer with a lot of experience at renowned institutes.

Are you interested? Please feel free to look around the following Dutch course overview and to contact me to discuss which course would suit you best. You can opt for a 20-minute assessment after which you will be personally advised.

Dutch course A1-A2 English

course A1-A2
'false' beginners ONLY PT/ES SPEAKERS

This course won't be running IN ENGLISH in May 2024! Only for Portuguese/Spanish speakers. Check unitxt.eu/pt or /es

  • small groups of 4-7 people
  • instruction language English
  • 10 classes via Zoom € 399
  • excl. book € 45 (instructions to order will follow after registration and payment of the course)
  • Contact me for an intake to check your level and obtain an advise!

  • cursus Nederlands spreken B1

    course B1.1

  • On Mondays from 17-19 h
  • May 6 - July 8, 2024
  • small groups of 4-7 people
  • instruction language Dutch (English/Portuguese/Spanish)
  • 10 classes via Zoom € 399
  • no book; online material; check the Module Writing!
  • This is a tailor-made course: You 'll start with level B1 and mainly practice speaking. You work with online material to quickly learn to understand and speak better in daily situations.

  • beter Nederlands spreken

    All Dutch courses A1, A2, B1, B2

  • I offer different options to improve speaking Dutch at levels B1 and B2.
  • The instruction language Dutch, but I explain in English (Spanish and Portuguese) if necessary.
  • The courses are tailor-made: you will get authentic material, prepared by me, to practice speaking and understanding in everyday situations.
  • Click on the Dutch flag (above) and check out all my courses.
  • or visit: https://unitxt.eu/nl/

  • Or contact me via Whatsapp;
    Opt for an intake via Zoom for free!

    Please contact me by whatsapp or e-mail
    for further information or registration!
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