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I have been taking lessons with Patricia since March, and I can tell that my Dutch improved a lot since then. What I like about her lessons is that she works with small groups, she is focused on every individual, and you have time to express yourself, ask questions, etc. Lessons are always interesting, you learn a lot about Dutch society while you practice speaking and grammar.

I highly recommend Patricia if you want to improve your Dutch!

Jelica Micevic, teacher, from Serbia, level B1+ (December, 2023)

What I liked the most: the structure of the lesson (the activities are very diverse, there is something for everyone), the level of the discussion (Patricia does not underestimate the students, neither in the grammar assignments, nor in the speaking exercises on current topics). Even though it is a Speaking course, I learned more grammar than in general courses.

In my 6 years of trying to learn Dutch (language centres of universities, intensive courses, apps, fancy private lessons, language buddies, from Groningen to Nijmegen) this is by far the best course I’ve done and the only one this well structured, even without a book. Her style also corresponds a lot to how I learned English and Spanish in Brazil, which is not easy to find in the Netherlands!

Karina Nakashima, researcher, from Brazil, did level B1+ (August, 2023)

I started the Dutch language course at UNITXT & taal in module B1 with the teacher Patricia in order to prepare me for the NT2 exams and this was without a doubt the best Dutch course I took, taking into account that I had already taken classes before with 3 other teachers.
The class itself is very complete and dynamic, with current and everyday topics, which improves your vocabulary for the questions you usually use the most.
The teacher is really a professional with a lot of experience and as such she adjusts the classes according to the real needs of the class and the students, bringing tailor-made study materials.
I personally had two hours of classes per week, but with the excellent study material sent to us by email and the suggestion of writing texts, I was able to study all week with all the extra support offered to me.
Anyway, the course is very good and complete, and the teacher really knows what she does!

Kleberson Ribeiro, lawyer, from Brasil, July, 2022

(original review in Portuguese)

I am a Brazilian engineer, working as a researcher in The Netherlands, and I would like to share how it has been to learn Dutch with Patricia from UNITXT & taal.
It’s been more than one year since I moved to The Netherlands. It is totally true that you can live here very well if you only speak English. However, at one point, I felt a personal interest to get more familiar with the langue of the country that I am living now. I was already following Patricia on Instagram, and I was impressed by her interactive posts, which made me more motivated to finally start the classes.
Patricia teaches for a small group of students (4-7 people max), which guarantees that everyone will have the chance to speak (in Dutch) during the 2 hours class. Her course is extremely well structured, she brings daily situations and she uses different methods such as: books, audios, videos, webpages…
One of the biggest advantages is that Patricia is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese. Therefore, she knows what the main challenges for Spanish and Portuguese speakers are.
I am extremely happy with what I have learnt so far, just completing the A1 level… It is impressive how many words I can recognise, contexts that I can understand, and even being able to write and speak about some basic daily situations. I intend to continue the course for sure!
If you are wondering if you should give a try, I would say “definitely yes!”. You will also be surprised how much you can learn.
Nederlands is moeilijk, maar leren met Patricia is leuk 🙂
Dank je wel, Patricia!

Camila Pucci Couto, engineer, from Brasil, June 2023

I come from Ecuador. I felt that understanding Dutch was unlikely as I took private lessons with native Dutch speakers, in academies etc., but I didn’t feel the slightest progress.

Until I finally found Patricia and her language school. IM SO LUCKY. Patricia’s method is unique because she understands the problems of Latinos. The pronunciation, the frequent errors and she gives you tips to improve. And the plus is that she is sooooo patient. In the span of a year I feel more confident when speaking, I understand much better, but above all I see my progress. I recommend Patricia’s school 100%!

Rocío Erraez-Sloove, import manager, September 2022

(original review in Spanish)

Patricia is an excellent Dutch teacher, with patience and a lot of dedication she will help you advance on your path to learning Dutch. She also listens and sees what you need, giving you the tools to advance according to your needs, she has a very good command of Spanish, which makes it easier and more fluent to learn a new language. She is also a super good and pleasant person, I highly recommend her!

Julieta Sepúlveda, researcher, from Chile (August 2022)

(original review in Spanish)



I found about Patricia (unitxt) via an instagram post of one of her students. 

I quickly reached out to Patricia on Instagram and we had our first intake meeting very quickly just in a few days. As I was already having some knowledge, Patricia assessed my skills and gave me recommendations to which group I can join. I am proud to share that within just more than a year I gained more knowledge in my verbal and written Dutch language and I am currently holding level B1.2.

Within that period, I have been enjoying every single Dutch class within my group. Every week, I am attending group classes of 2 hours with other students (max 6 in a group) and we focus on grammar or on conversational topics based on NT2 study materials. We often go beyond the materials and have open ended conversations in Dutch as well as sometimes listening to the latest news or reading excerpts from stories.   

I am personally very happy that I have found Patricia to help me get to the next level in my Dutch language while living and working in The Netherlands. I definitely recommend every expat to start with Dutch classes as soon as they move to The Netherlands and if they are lucky enough to have Patricia as their teacher.

Nikola Vasilev, from North Macedonia (August, 2022)

Laura Orea, Mexico

Through a Facebook group for Latinas in the Netherlands, I found Patricia and UNITXT&TAAL. At that time I was looking to improve my level of Dutch, since my job required it at a more professional level and after reading the good comments, I decided to start the level A2 to B1 up to the B1/2 conversation course. Due to the pandemic, the classes were always via zoom, however the quality and dynamics of the classes were always excellent. Patricia was always attentive to answer our questions and explain in detail what was difficult for us to understand. I definitely recommend her work and I couldn’t be more than satisfied with the results.

Laura Orea, Educator, from Mexico (July 2022)

(original review in Spanish)

I got to know Patricia through an offline conversation class in Oegstgeest. My knowledge of Dutch was close to nothing at that time, but I still had a good time. She had a soft attitude and the entire atmosphere in the class was very welcoming. After the conversation class, I decided to start a ‘real’ course.

Before I started the online course in March 2021, I was a bit skeptical about how well I could learn online. But once it started, I found it really easy and fit my busy life with small children. It was a small class, the maximum was six, so everybody had a chance to speak and ask questions. Patricia understands the situation of each member, never pushes too much, but always gives advice to guide you to the easier/ more suitable way of learning. There is always a relaxing atmosphere and I realized that it was also possible to make friends online. I could easily get along with other members in the group and we sometimes meet up for a cup of coffee or do something fun in the weekend together, too. She also arranges some activities such as an excursion to Rotterdam and evening drinks with other students. I got to know more people who also study Dutch with her, which is really good.

After one year, I am now in B1-B2. I can understand most of the daily conversation now and I can easily communicate with the friends of my children.

Megumi from Japan (July 2022)

review Mónica

I started with Patricia October 2020 and did B1 level. Unfortunately it was COVID time so it had to be online but at the end was extremely fun and my first friends and still my friends are the students. Patricia also organizes different activities to practice conversation online and outdoor that are super fun. Being a foreigner, it is very important to at least learn the basic. Patricia is an amazing teacher: I have friends that have been also her students and today speak fluent Dutch. Thank you Patricia.

Mónica from Colombia, now living in Wassenaar. (June, 2022)

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