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I started with Patricia October 2020 and did B1 level. Unfortunately it was COVID time so it had to be online but at the end was extremely fun and my first friends and still my friends are the students. Patricia also organizes different activities to practice conversation online and outdoor that are super fun. Being a foreigner, it is very important to at least learn the basic. Patricia is an amazing teacher: I have friends that have been also her students and today speak fluent Dutch. Thank you Patricia.

Mónica from Colombia, now living in Wassenaar. (June, 2022)

I found about Patricia (unitxt) via an instagram post of one of her students. 

I quickly reached out to Patricia on Instagram and we had our first intake meeting very quickly just in a few days. As I was already having some knowledge, Patricia assessed my skills and gave me recommendations to which group I can join. I am proud to share that within just more than a year I gained more knowledge in my verbal and written Dutch language and I am currently holding level B1.2.

Within that period, I have been enjoying every single Dutch class within my group. Every week, I am attending group classes of 2 hours with other students (max 6 in a group) and we focus on grammar or on conversational topics based on NT2 study materials. We often go beyond the materials and have open ended conversations in Dutch as well as sometimes listening to the latest news or reading excerpts from stories.   

I am personally very happy that I have found Patricia to help me get to the next level in my Dutch language while living and working in The Netherlands. I definitely recommend every expat to start with Dutch classes as soon as they move to The Netherlands and if they are lucky enough to have Patricia as their teacher.

Nikola Vasilev, from North Macedonia (August, 2022)

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I got to know Patricia through an offline conversation class in Oegstgeest. My knowledge of Dutch was close to nothing at that time, but I still had a good time. She had a soft attitude and the entire atmosphere in the class was very welcoming. After the conversation class, I decided to start a ‘real’ course.

Before I started the online course in March 2021, I was a bit skeptical about how well I could learn online. But once it started, I found it really easy and fit my busy life with small children. It was a small class, the maximum was six, so everybody had a chance to speak and ask questions. Patricia understands the situation of each member, never pushes too much, but always gives advice to guide you to the easier/ more suitable way of learning. There is always a relaxing atmosphere and I realized that it was also possible to make friends online. I could easily get along with other members in the group and we sometimes meet up for a cup of coffee or do something fun in the weekend together, too. She also arranges some activities such as an excursion to Rotterdam and evening drinks with other students. I got to know more people who also study Dutch with her, which is really good.

After one year, I am now in B1-B2. I can understand most of the daily conversation now and I can easily communicate with the friends of my children.

Megumi from Japan (July 2022)

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